5 Tips to Help Keep Your Heating Costs Down This Winter

5 Tips to Help Keep Heating Costs Down This Winter

Winter is coming, and there’s a good chance that heating bills will rise again this year.

The good news is that you don’t have to be freezing or uncomfortable to reduce your monthly costs. In fact, a few simple changes and some careful preparation is all it takes to keep your home cost-effectively heated. Here are five easy adjustments you can start making today to lower your heating bills…

Brand Highlight: York


Whether it’s a furnace to keep your home warm in winter, or an HVAC system for constant cooling during summer, it’s important to find a company that you can rely on to offer dependable comfort, year after year. With over 130 years since their inception, the York company works to offer confidence and peace of mind to commercial and residential buyers, across the United States.

As a company…

Brand Highlight: Williams


Over the years, several innovative solutions have emerged in the world of heating and cooling, from devices like dehumidifiers that control air quality, to air curtains, furnaces, and more. Choosing the right product for your needs is essential to keeping yourself, your family, or your workforce happy.

Williams Comfort Products represents one of the most popular manufacturers of gas and…

Brand Highlight: Tappan


You may take it for granted, and most days you likely don’t even notice it; but there are few things more important to your comfort than having efficient, reliable temperature control at home.

From air conditioning that works silently to refresh the hot, humid air in your space, to furnaces and heat pumps that keep your rooms warm during winter — the right temperatures keep us happy and…

Brand Highlight: Comfortmaker


When it comes to accessing absolute comfort at home, there’s no space for compromise. Maintaining the perfect climate for you (and your family) requires a temperature control system that is reliable, effective, and efficient.

With a focus on comfort right in its name, Comfortmaker provides energy-efficient, value-based heating and cooling solutions. With a reputation for designing durable,…

Brand Highlight: Bryant

Brand Highlight Bryant

The ability to control the temperature of your property at any given time is essential to optimum comfort and convenience. Not only do heating and air conditioning systems allow you to combat the impact of the seasons; they can also make a positive difference to your health, by filtering out unwanted toxins, helping you to function at an optimum level, and allowing those suffering from…

Does Office Temperature Impact Employee Productivity?

Office Temperature Impact Employees

If the temperatures in your office have employees donning parkas and wool hats, or stripping down to the bare necessities, it may be time to consider turning the dial on that thermostat. In fact, according to a study from Cornell University, employees are more productive and less distracted when the temperatures in their working environments are better controlled. Overall, it was estimated that a…

Infographic: What Is Inside A Water Heater?

Inside Water Heater

Have you ever wondered how your water heater works? What does it look like inside your homes water heater? Check out our latest…

Is A Gas Furnace Better Than Electric?

Is a gas furnace better than electric

Choosing the right type of furnace for your home can positively impact the flow of the air in your home and the money of you spend on utility bills. If you find yourself in need of a new furnace for your home, deciding between gas and electric is one of the first choices you will make in the buying process.

So which are better—gas furnaces or electric?

A Look at Electric…

How Regular Maintenance Keeps Your Furnace Working Efficiently

Keep Your Furnace Efficient With Regular Maintnance

The furnace is a big ticket item in most homes across the nation. Furnaces are responsible for heating air and distributing it throughout the home, creating a consistent environment that is so crucial for comfortable living, especially during winter months. This means that furnace maintenance and efficiency can make a big impact on the comfort of the home and the utility bill.

How to Measur…

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