5 Tips to Help Keep Your Heating Costs Down This Winter

5 Tips to Help Keep Heating Costs Down This Winter

Winter is coming, and there’s a good chance that heating bills will rise again this year.

The good news is that you don’t have to be freezing or uncomfortable to reduce your monthly costs. In fact, a few simple changes and some careful preparation is all it takes to keep your home cost-effectively heated. Here are five easy adjustments you can start making today to lower your heating bills…

Spray Foam Insulation: Is It Right For Your Home?

Spray Foam Insulation

A lack of insulation in your property could be the same as throwing money out the window. According to the Department of Energy, air leakage within a home can account for anywhere between 30 and 50% of its annual heating and cooling costs. A tight building that resists air infiltration can improve everything from interior air quality, to moisture content, overall comfort, and more.


Is It Time To Beef Up Your Attic Insulation?

Is It Time To Beef Up Your Attic Insulation

Properly insulating your attic brings more than comfort at home — it can save you hundreds in energy costs every year. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that an attic with adequate insulation saves residents between 10 to 50 percent annually on home energy costs.

Understanding how much insulation you need, or when it is time to upgrade, can be a little confusing, especially if you’v…

Choosing The Right Type Of Attic Insulation

Choosing the Right Insulation

Insulation is like your home’s favorite sweater in winter and shade tree in summer. Choosing the right type of insulation not only affects your comfort, but also determines your home’s utility bills and overall energy efficiency. Let’s take a look at how insulation works and the best type of insulation for your home.

Insulation and Heat Flow

Heat flow is the main reason you might f…

Pump Up Your Homes Heating Efficiency With Attic Insulation!

Attic Insulation

4 Practical Attic Insulation Tips

Just like the top of your head, the top of a house can lose a lot of heat very quickly; especially if it’s not well insulated. With a house, this can lead to a great deal of wasted energy and soaring utility bills. Here we’ll discuss practical attic insulation tips that can help you keep your heat within your home and cut down on that costly utility bill.

Why Winter Is The Perfect Time To Insulate!

Insulate this winter

You don’t often think much about insulation until you are in the throes of the colder months, when you desperately need it. That’s why it’s the perfect time to insulate the home: it’s on your mind, and during the winter you are able to reap immediate rewards for your efforts in the form of a warmer home and a lower heating bill.

Why Insulate Your Home?

One of the most important…

Keeping the Cool Air In and the Hot Air Out

keep cool air in hot air out

Consumers spend a lot of money keeping their homes the right temperature—to the tune of $22 billion spent in the U.S. on air conditioning alone every year. For warmer climates, the cost of keeping a home cool can be as much as 70 percent of a summer utility bill. Of annual utility costs. When the summer months hit and your air conditioning unit is getting the biggest workout of the year, your…

Keep The Heat In: 5 Ways To Stay Warm On a Budget

5 Ways to Keep Warm on a Budget

With winter in full swing and temperatures reaching record lows on a seemingly daily basis, people are struggling to stay warm. While heaters are the main line of defense for most, high energy bills, carbon dioxide emissions, and a negative impact on the environment aren’t anyone’s cup of tea. That doesn’t mean you need to freeze your tail off. With a little creativity and some professiona…

Attic Insulation: Ensuring Your Home Doesn’t Gain or Lose Heat Too Quickly

Attic Insulation: Prevent Heat Gain and Loss

Attic Insulation – Protecting Your Home from Heat Gain and Loss
Attic insulation can seem like one of those mundane, extraneous details of home maintenance. Fluffy stuff in your attic crawlspace? Why even worry about it, right? As it turns out, attic insulation is a very big deal and can have a significant impact on your home’s energy efficiency and your general well-being. Let’s take a…

Insulation 101

Attic Insulation

Insulation – How it Works
To understand how insulation works, we must first understand how heat works.

Heat is constantly trying to move to cooler areas. Think of the rooms in your house: if your upstairs bedroom is a warm 90 degrees but the attic space above that bedroom is a cool 34 degrees, heat will make its way through the ceiling to fill that cool space and make it warmer. This is a…

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