7 Simple and Effective Green HVAC Tips

7 Simple and Effective Green HVAC Tips

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and cooling throughout the country accounts for almost 50% of all home energy costs. The good news is that slashing your energy bill doesn’t mean having to give up on your HVAC. Instead, there are plenty of great ways that you can boost the efficiency of your system and lower your utility bills at the same time.

1. Purchase a Smart…

Why Does My HVAC Sound Like That?

Why Does My HVAC Sound Like That?

Just like any machine (from computers to kitchen appliances), an HVAC system can sometimes plague your home with strange and mysterious sounds. These noises are not only disruptive, but often provide a clear sign that something has gone wrong with your temperature control system.

While some noises from an HVAC are normal (like whirring and humming), if you hear more loud and aggressive tones…

Why Does My HVAC Smell Bad?

Why Does My HVAC Smell Bad

There’s no denying our society’s love for air conditioning — it’s what allows us to live comfortably in beautifully sunny climates. The cool air moving through our homes is a welcomed bliss during hot summer months. But, what happens when that cool, refreshing air is also spreading a bad odor throughout your home? Unfortunately, air conditioners are prone to mildew, malfunctioning, and…

How To Winterize Your A/C Unit

Winterize Your AC

Get Your System Ready For Winter!

Turning on your Air Conditioner during a humid summer afternoon only to be greeted by hot air can be quite frustrating. This is why it is important to winterize your unit when the cold begins to settle in. By performing a few quick and easy steps at home, you can ensure that your unit is properly protected against the extreme harsh winter weathers.

Why We Shouldn’t Ignore Routine HVAC Maintenance

ignoring hvac maintenance

The Consequences of Ignoring Routine HVAC Maintenance

One of the hardest working systems in a home is HVAC. Think about it: what other pieces of equipment run almost constantly in an effort to keep your home comfortable? HVAC units are resilient but often taken for granted when it comes to regular maintenance and care. Part of this is that HVAC systems are typically out of sight and out of…

Five End-of-Summer Maintenance Tips

End of Summer Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your air conditioning unit sees the most action during the summer months, so if you haven’t had a maintenance before summer, now is a great time to have it checked out. Rather than put off air conditioning maintenance until the weather starts to heat up again next year, take the time to get it prepped now. Much like you would have your car tuned up before and after a long road trip, your air…

5 Air Conditioning Mega Maintenance Tips!

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Like your car, your air conditioning unit will operate better and more efficiently when properly maintained and cared for. Energy efficiency, cooling efficiency, and cost-effectiveness all improve when you are operating a properly maintained air conditioning system. Here are some tips to keep your cooling system in tip-top shape.

1. Keep your filters clean.

The single most important…

What To Do When Your Air Conditioning Keeps Freezing Up!

Air Conditioning icing up

Depending on where you live, air conditioning can be a crucial addition to daily life during the warm summer months. Frost or ice forming on the coils of your air conditioner, regardless of the temperature of the surrounding air, can be a symptom of a significant issue and limit the system’s capability to cool your indoor environment.

If you find yourself with a frozen air conditioning unit…

Why is my Air Conditioning Leaking?

diagram of coil and drain pan

If your air conditioner begins leaking, it can be difficult to find out why, especially if you’re not sure where to look. To preserve the efficiency of your unit, you should find the cause of the leak and address it sooner rather than later. Not only can a leak lower the efficiency of your unit, but this inefficiency can also increase your energy bill. Let’s take a look at a 3 common areas…

Simple DIY Solutions to 5 Common Household Odors

diy solutions for common odors

From your kids’ funky gym shoes to nasty cooking odors to the icky stench of cigarette smoke, your home can collect an unpleasant array of bad odors. There’s no need to expose your family to harmful chemical air fresheners, which do little more than mask the bad smells. With some natural odor eliminators and a little common sense, you’ll have your house smelling fresh and your family…

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