The Role of Ventilation in Workplace Indoor Air Quality

The Role of Ventilation in Workplace Indoor Air Quality

The air quality in your office is a major factor in the overall health and wellbeing of your employees – not to mention the productivity levels at your company.

A workplace can be negatively affected by a lack of fresh air circulation, pollution drawn in from outdoors, indoor pollution with no means of escape, air that is circulated too fast, or humidity that is high enough to promote t…

Where To Locate Your A/C Vents?

Where To Locate Your Air Vents

Here’s the thing many homeowners don’t realize about air conditioning — where you place vents in your home has a big impact on the efficiency of the system.

Whether you’re looking to replace your A/C unit, or add new ductwork to your home, it pays to think about where in your home the vents will be located. Take a look at the science behind why we place air conditioning vents and units…

Why Proper Attic Ventilation Is Key In Warm Climates

Importance Of Proper Attic Ventilation

For many homeowners, the attic is a place to store unwanted furniture, old clothes, and bulky luggage. But for people who want to reduce their energy expenditure, extend the longevity of their roof, and cultivate a more comfortable home, the attic has a lot to offer. In fact, many new building codes now call for increased attic insulation and ventilation – emphasizing that a well-ventilated…

Simple DIY Solutions to 5 Common Household Odors

diy solutions for common odors

From your kids’ funky gym shoes to nasty cooking odors to the icky stench of cigarette smoke, your home can collect an unpleasant array of bad odors. There’s no need to expose your family to harmful chemical air fresheners, which do little more than mask the bad smells. With some natural odor eliminators and a little common sense, you’ll have your house smelling fresh and your family…

How a Comfortable Environment Affects Productivity

How Comfort Affects Productivity

How Your Office Space Contributes to Employee Productivity

In the workplace, productivity has a direct connection with efficiency and profitability, but the average office has countless forms of distraction, from whatever’s heating up in the microwave to notifications on your phone, that can reduce productivity.

Creating a productive, efficient work environment that also cultivates fun…

Why You Need Proper Attic Ventilation Now!

San Diego Attic Ventilation

Why is Attic Ventilation so Important?

Attics tend to be one of the more unexplored parts of the home. Sometimes creepy, often dusty, attics don’t usually get much attention. However, attics play an important role in the comfort and energy use of your entire home. One of the most important elements of attics is ventilation. It often goes hand in hand with insulation, climate control, and…

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