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Home Energy: Utility Bill Breakdown

Home Energy Use Breakdown

Why Is My Energy Bill So High?

We tend to take our utility power for granted until it goes out and then we realize how much electricity is involved in our daily lives. What we can’t stand is getting those hugh bills and realizing we are overpaying the utility company with are hard earned dollars. We breakdown the utility bill and reveal where you might be able to save your cash to spend on what you want!

Updating your biggest appliances

Obviously your heating and cooling system can dominate your yearly power expenses. Updating these power hungry machines can save you hundreds of dollars and start to pay off the investment. If your not ready for that kind of cost, you might look into insulating your attic to lower the time your system has to run during the year. We give free estimates on both, so call us or contact us today and we’ll help you reduce those utility bills while increasing your comfort.

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