Wall, Direct Vent and Mobile Home Furnaces

Looking for a Wall Furnace or Mobile Home Furnaces?

Need a quality Wall Furnace, Mobile Home Furnace or even a Direct Vent Furnace? We have professionally replaced these types of furnaces in all kinds of homes and configurations. We adhere to all safety codes when dealing with gas and venting of these heaters. Make us your "go to"contractor to install your next Wall furnace or Mobile Home furnace.

  • Wall Furnaces

We provide a high quality wall furnace installation from start to finish. We protect your home and floors and make sure everything is installed correctly and safely. The other guys get in and out as quick as they can, cutting corners in the process. Contact us for a free wall furnace installation estimate today!

  • Mobile Home Furnaces

We offer Mobile Home Furnace Installation and Mobile Home Furnace repair. Your Mobile Home Furnace doesn’t last forever and can become a safety hazard after years of service. A Mobile Home furnace repair or installation should be done by professionally trained technicians like the ones found at Bob Jenson A/C. Call or contact us for your next repair or installation estimate!

  • Direct Vent Furnace

A Direct Vent furnace is a great heating solution when you want to place a low profile furnace on an outer wall of your home. A Direct Vent Furnace has a special horizontal vent that exhausts combusted gases outside while bringing in fresh air into the burners. This means you get comfortable radiating heat without a smokey messy fireplace to deal with. Call or contact us to find out more.

  • Guaranteed Workmanship

Whether it’s a repair, maintenance or an installation of your heating system, we back all of our wall furnaces, mobile home furnaces and direct vent furnaces with work that’s 100% guaranteed. Call or contact us to learn more about specific guarantees and warranties.

We Can Help!

We would be happy to help you set up an appointment for one of our air conditioning and heating services today! Take the next step and contact us for a Repair, Maintenance, Free Estimate for new installation, or even if you just have a question. Our office staff is here and ready to help!