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In and around San Diego Attic Insulation is an important guard against losing or gaining heat too quickly. Proper Attic Insulation can keep a house cooler during summer and warmer during winter. Attic Insulation is a highly cost effective way to bring a higher level of comfort to your home.

Why Attic Insulation?

Do you reach for a blanket when it gets chilly? Do you look for some shade when it get hot? Of course we all do it because we like to be comfortable! Your home needs the same thing and Bob Jenson delivers with the AttiCat insulating system. Adding attic insulation to a minimum of R30 or 12” will put a “blanket” over your home in the winter and keep that heat in, reducing your heating bill up to 20%! Likewise in the summertime providing much needed “shade”, shielding your home from the intense heat of your attic, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Not a DIY project

Though some suggest you can easily navigate the challenges of insulating your own home, the reality is, attics in California homes are tighter, and more complex than most. We have many years of experience in moving around in these tight spaces and safely insulating your home. The dangers of falling thru the ceiling, cutting yourself on nails or other sharp objects, hurting your back, breathing in lung irritants, getting particles in the eyes, damaging wires, pipes or other unseen objects in the attic is all highly probable for someone who is inexperienced. We pride ourselves in being experts at what we do, which means you can trust us to safely and efficiently insulate your home and make you more comfortable today!

Guaranteed Insulation Levels

Sadly a common practice among certain contractors that offer a cheap price, is insulating an attic properly right around the crawl hole but as you crawl further into the attic the insulation level fades to nothing. Did the customer pay for the entire attic to be insulated to an even R-30 or above level, sure. Did they get it, not even close. We guarantee a full attic insulation level of R-30 or above and will show you that it’s done right.