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Heating and Air Conditioning Ducting

The average existing San Diego HVAC ducting can lose 25-40% of it's cooled or heated air from duct leakage. This directly effects the capacity and efficiency of your comfort system. It will run longer because it just can't keep up anymore and this means your wasting your money every time you turn it on. Leaking HVAC ducting will also introduce unhealthy dust, debris, and fiberglass into your home, bypassing the filter and being distributed throughout the home.

Is it Time to Change your HVAC Ducting?

You’ve heard of the saying, “one thing leads to another”, well the same is true with the issue of duct leakage. When air conditioning ducting leaks this reduces it’s capacity to effectively cool and heat your home. The system runs longer to try to achieve the temperature you want, straining the system and reducing it’s life. The leaky ducts bypass the filtration system clogging the cooling coil, making the system work harder and harder until one day it quits. Look for these indicators of duck leakage:

  • Never reaches desired temp
  • Poor humidity control
  • Dust marks around air vents
  • Higher energy bills
  • Dust on furniture
  • Uneven room temps

Dangerous Ducts

There are many types of old air ducts that contain dangerous materials in them and can create health problems for you and your family. Read our blog post on Dangerous Ducts: Are They In Your Home?

A Right Way and A Wrong Way

You probably wouldn’t be surprised to find out there is more than one way to install HVAC ducting in a home. But you might not realize how important a proper duct installation will effect everything from comfort to energy savings. Bob Jenson Air Conditioning understands that factors such as proper duct sizing, correct installation layout, strapping, dampers for air balancing, and meticulous sealing are critical on any newly installed ducting systems to ensure a perfectly comfortable home. We train our technicians in the highest quality duct installation procedures and they install your air ducting like it was their own home.

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